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Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Project Links

Be post the link to your final project here in this format:

Project Title
Group Name - Hour
First Name of each group member


Zombie Survival Manual
The Mrs Earls - 2nd Hr

Remember: Your project should be a "live-action" or screencasted documentary (upload to Youtube), an interactive poster (via Glogster), a digital timeline (via Dipity), a website (via Weebly or Webs), or an online presentation (Google Docs). You must have my permission to create a "paper assignment," i.e. a field manual.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last One!!! - 4/29

Yay! You've made it to the end of the year. Post a 2-3 paragraph reflection on what you have learned in this class or things you now think about before you took this class.

Now you can give someone else words of wisdom... Identify what the freshmen class could do next year to pass Global Studies...

Africa 7 - World Music

Read/Watch information about influential musicians from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. How has the American music scene influenced the different sounds of African music or vice versa? How has African beats and rhythms influenced American music?

Kenyan musician P-Unit

Fela! The Musical!
Nigerian musician/activist; Jay-Z and the Smiths (Will & Jada) are producing the musical for Broadway

Read about the 2010 MTV Africa (MTV Base) Awards Which American artists will be there?

Africa 6 - Religion

Visit this site:
1. BBC - Christianity in Africa. Use the contents on the side of the page to find more information.

Q: How did Christianity spread to and throughout Africa?

2. BBC - Islam in Africa. Use the contents on the side of the page to find more information.

Q: How did Islam spread to and throughout Africa?

3. BBC - Traditional Religions in Africa. Use the contents on the side of the page to find more information.

Q: How important was/is religion to traditional African societies?
Q: Who are the deities and supreme beings found in many traditional religions?
Q: How were/ are traditional religions mixed with politics in many African societies?

Africa 5 - HIV/AIDS & Disease

Visit these websites for information on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa:


2. - (watch the videos too)

3. TIME Magazine - Death Stalks a Continent

4. AIDS in Africa

5. The World Health Organization (WHO)

1. From where did HIV/AIDS come?
2. Why is it spreading throughout Africa faster than any other country?
3. What is being done to slow the spread of AIDS in Africa? Which groups are leading that charge?
4. What have been the consequences of AIDS deaths throughout Africa?

Africa 4 - The Legacy of Colonialism

Watch two of the following videos and complete the tasks below:

Uganda - The Scramble for Africa

King Leopold II - Belgian Congo

European Colonization of Africa

The Congo - A Brutal History

Map of Colonization

Answer the following questions accurately, completely, and in your own words:
1. Define imperialism in your own words. What motivated country leaders (especially in the Western world) to become imperialists?
2. Define colonialism. How is colonialism an example of imperialism?
3. WHY and HOW did European countries colonize countries in Africa?
4. How were European powers able to control the indigenous African population?
5. What were/are the lasting effects of European colonialism on the African continent?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Africa 3 - Civil Unrest

Research anyone of the following people, places, things, or events:

Gustav the Killer Crocodile
French occupation of Algeria
Algerian Civil War
Angolan Civil War
Burundi Civil War
Civil war in Chad (1965–1979)
Civil war in Chad (1979-1982)
Civil war in Chad (1998–2002)
Civil war in Chad (2005–present)
Turbi Village Massacre (2005)
First Liberian Civil War
Second Liberian Civil War
Sierra Leone Civil War
The Rwandan Genocide
Paul Rusesabagina
Somalian Civil War
First Boer War
Second Boer War
Soweto Uprising
South African Apartheid
Nelson Mandela
Stephen Biko
Idi Amin
Chad-Sudan conflict
Blood diamonds
Child rebels
Uganda-Tanzania War
Mobutu Sese Seko
Mengistu Haile Mariam
Laurent Kabila
King Leopold (Belgium)
Belgian occupation of the Congo
Patrice Lumumba

Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of:
1. what that person/place/event was/is
2. why it is important
3. what impact on society & life did that person/place/thing/event have on its people?

This is not a cut and paste assignment. You will not earn credit for plagiarism. Identify from where you learned your information.

Only 3 students per topic please.