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Monday, January 31, 2011

BLOG 7 - World Music - Europe due 2/21

Read/watch the information posted below. Your task is to post a link to another European artist - For example: find a French band, a British pop group, a Hungarian pop artist, an Italian rapper, or a Greek band...

A. Dutch songstress Caro Emerald

B. Check out this German site featuring photos of the EMAs (European Music Awards) - What in the world does Usher have on???

C. German rapper Aggro Berlin

D. Russian rapper Timati

E. Bulgarian singer Sahara’s "Mine" - Song features American R&B singer Mario Winans

F. Italian crooner Cesare Cremonini

BLOG 6 - Push & Pull Factors - due 2/18

Read an article about the push and pull factors in European migration which can be found at

Discuss migration topics presented in previous units (colonization of the New World, urbanization, etc.).

Make predictions - predict the reasons for migration in Europe and out of Europe.

During reading, check and revise predictions.

Questions to consider:
What push factors were involved in these migrations?
What pull factors were involved in these migrations?

BLOG 5 - Major Events in Europe - due 2/11

What major event that occurred or originated in Europe (within the past 1000 years) had the MOST significant impact on American history?

The Transatlantic Slave Trade?
World War I? World War II?
American Independence?
The French Revolution?
The Holocaust?
The Euro?

There are thousands of events that helped shape the US. Which had the most profound effect? Explain.

BLOG 4.5 - Time Zones - due 2/9 (XC)

Answer the following questions after studying time zone map of Europe
· How many time zones are there in Europe?
· For every 15° of longitude there is a difference of how much time?
· What is the line of longitude at 0° called? Through what city and country does it pass?
· What is the significance of the International Date Line?
· If it is 7a.m. in Rome, Italy, what time is it in Reykjavik, Iceland?
· If it is noon in London, what time is it in Moscow?
· If it is noon in Madrid, what time is it in Paris?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BLOG 3.5 - DTM/Country Profile Discussion - DUE 1/28 for credit

After reviewing the DTM and the assigned country profiles, students need to answer the following questions:

1. Describe your country's quality of life - consider life expectancy rates, income, poverty rates, educational opportunities, diseases, etc)

2. In what stage of the DTM is your country?

3. What factors (be country specific) influence your country's population growth?

4. Predict your country's economic status in 10 years based on its current DTM status. Will it be a LEDC? NIC? MEDC?

5. Discuss transnational issues that affect your country's growth (focus on major economic activities - illegal and legal)

6. Would you visit your country based on the information obtained from the CIA World Factbook? Explain.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

BLOG 3 - World Music - Latin America due 1/28

Find a Latin or Afro-Caribbean artist's video and post the link here. No repeats please.

Lady Saw - "Party till December"
Jamaican Dancehall artist

Website Link - Extra Credit Project, due 1/24

For your extra credit projects on Latin America, post:

Your first name
class hour
the link to your website

BLOG 2 - Past & Present, due 1/21

There were several significant people and events from Latin America that shaped world history:

The Jonestown Massacre in Guyana

The Andes Mountain crash that inspired the film Alive

Che Guevara

Fidel Castro

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti

33 trappers miners in Chile escaped death

Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug trade

Brazil's Carnivale

1804 Haitian Revolution

The Columbian Exchange

The Transatlantic Slave Trade

...the list goes on and on...

Your task is to:

A. list a significant event (or person) (that occurred in any of the Latin American countries studied) that influenced world history,

B. Write a one paragraph summary of the event (this is NOT a cut & paste assignment) - be sure to post a link to the site/s from where you learned your information

C. Post a link to a newscast or documentary about your selected topic.


BLOG 1 - Current Events in Latin America, due 1/14

Directions: Read one of the following articles from CNN World:

1. Woman arrested for Guatemalan bus bombing

2. Mexico's other enemy: Obesity rates triple in last 3 decades

3. Strong earthquake strikes central Chile

4. Brazil inaugurates first female president

5. U.N., Colombia step up flood relief efforts

6. Cholera death toll in Haiti rises to more than 3,000

2. write a one-paragraph summary of the events in your chosen article (This is NOT a cut & paste assignment)
3. post a YouTube video link of a newscast or related story