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Monday, October 18, 2010

KU Experience

What did you learn on your field trip? What are the requirements to attend the school? What majors are available?

What do you need to do to prepare for college?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the World Eats

Scroll down this TIME article to watch the master chefs cook bugs in this VIDEO. How does this information relate to globalization and/or culture?

What the World Eats

Ever thought about eating bugs? It's not as weird as you think - people have done it for generations. Read this article from National Geographic. How does the information presented in this article relate to culture?

What the World Eats

Watch this video about the "Triple ByPass Burger" and write about how this video relates to American cultures and values.

What the World Eats

Read this article from CNNgo about McDonalds & China - for $250 you too can get married at McDonalds. Read the article, analyze what you see in the pictures, and write how this relates to globalization. Is this a positive or negative consequence of globalization?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Unit 3 - Globalization

Time Magazine Photo Gallery:
What the World Eats, Part I -,29307,1626519,00.html

What the World Eats, Part II -,29307,1645016,00.html

How do these global cultures differ from the American way of life? Your family's background?

Unit 3 - Globalization

Define Globalization

Watch two videos on globalization and discuss (Video 1 on Vimeo - and Video 2 on YouTube).

What are the pros and cons of globalization? Respond in 2-3 paragraphs.

Unit 3 - Globalization

Find a picture from this site: 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time - that best connects to the themes discussed in this unit (see the Unit 3 Guide for details). In 50 words or less, explain how the photo best represents globalization.

Unit 3 - Globalization

Read either article -

Let's Move -

USA Today - or

on First Lady Michelle Obama’s Healthy Kids Initiative

What are your thoughts on America's drive to have healthier kids? How do these ideas connect to our urban garden initiative?

Unit 3 - Globalization

Read the following NPR article, “Kids Prefer the Taste of Food Marketed with Cartoon Characters” at

Write a 1-2 paragraph reaction to the article's main points.

Culture Studies


Dis/Agree - American students should speak at least two languages fluently before graduating in order to participate in the global community. Write a 2-3 paragraph response; be sure to use evidence to support your conclusions.

Culture Studies

Writing Prompt -

Should immigrants acculturate or assimilate to American culture? Write a 1-2 paragraph response; be sure to use evidence to support your conclusions.

Unit 3 Activities

Watch either video on Native American Mascots ( OR

Answer this question in a 2-3 paragraph response: How are these negative cultural symbols similar to those in your ethnic community?

Unit 3 Activities

Create a Wordle word cloud of Unit 3 Terms to Know ( Copy & paste the link to your creation as your response.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Your blog assignment for this week is to respond to one (1) peer's question or comment from September's STUDENT CREATED TOPICS.

To Respond:
Type the @ symbol and then the name of the student you are responding to.

If I wanted to respond to Joe Schmo's post, I would type:
@joeschmo - and my response...

Remember, you have to contribute to an intelligent conversation, not just post to post something. You do not earn credit by just typing something.