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Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Project Links

Be post the link to your final project here in this format:

Project Title
Group Name - Hour
First Name of each group member


Zombie Survival Manual
The Mrs Earls - 2nd Hr

Remember: Your project should be a "live-action" or screencasted documentary (upload to Youtube), an interactive poster (via Glogster), a digital timeline (via Dipity), a website (via Weebly or Webs), or an online presentation (Google Docs). You must have my permission to create a "paper assignment," i.e. a field manual.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last One!!! - 4/29

Yay! You've made it to the end of the year. Post a 2-3 paragraph reflection on what you have learned in this class or things you now think about before you took this class.

Now you can give someone else words of wisdom... Identify what the freshmen class could do next year to pass Global Studies...

Africa 7 - World Music

Read/Watch information about influential musicians from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. How has the American music scene influenced the different sounds of African music or vice versa? How has African beats and rhythms influenced American music?

Kenyan musician P-Unit

Fela! The Musical!
Nigerian musician/activist; Jay-Z and the Smiths (Will & Jada) are producing the musical for Broadway

Read about the 2010 MTV Africa (MTV Base) Awards Which American artists will be there?

Africa 6 - Religion

Visit this site:
1. BBC - Christianity in Africa. Use the contents on the side of the page to find more information.

Q: How did Christianity spread to and throughout Africa?

2. BBC - Islam in Africa. Use the contents on the side of the page to find more information.

Q: How did Islam spread to and throughout Africa?

3. BBC - Traditional Religions in Africa. Use the contents on the side of the page to find more information.

Q: How important was/is religion to traditional African societies?
Q: Who are the deities and supreme beings found in many traditional religions?
Q: How were/ are traditional religions mixed with politics in many African societies?

Africa 5 - HIV/AIDS & Disease

Visit these websites for information on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa:


2. - (watch the videos too)

3. TIME Magazine - Death Stalks a Continent

4. AIDS in Africa

5. The World Health Organization (WHO)

1. From where did HIV/AIDS come?
2. Why is it spreading throughout Africa faster than any other country?
3. What is being done to slow the spread of AIDS in Africa? Which groups are leading that charge?
4. What have been the consequences of AIDS deaths throughout Africa?

Africa 4 - The Legacy of Colonialism

Watch two of the following videos and complete the tasks below:

Uganda - The Scramble for Africa

King Leopold II - Belgian Congo

European Colonization of Africa

The Congo - A Brutal History

Map of Colonization

Answer the following questions accurately, completely, and in your own words:
1. Define imperialism in your own words. What motivated country leaders (especially in the Western world) to become imperialists?
2. Define colonialism. How is colonialism an example of imperialism?
3. WHY and HOW did European countries colonize countries in Africa?
4. How were European powers able to control the indigenous African population?
5. What were/are the lasting effects of European colonialism on the African continent?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Africa 3 - Civil Unrest

Research anyone of the following people, places, things, or events:

Gustav the Killer Crocodile
French occupation of Algeria
Algerian Civil War
Angolan Civil War
Burundi Civil War
Civil war in Chad (1965–1979)
Civil war in Chad (1979-1982)
Civil war in Chad (1998–2002)
Civil war in Chad (2005–present)
Turbi Village Massacre (2005)
First Liberian Civil War
Second Liberian Civil War
Sierra Leone Civil War
The Rwandan Genocide
Paul Rusesabagina
Somalian Civil War
First Boer War
Second Boer War
Soweto Uprising
South African Apartheid
Nelson Mandela
Stephen Biko
Idi Amin
Chad-Sudan conflict
Blood diamonds
Child rebels
Uganda-Tanzania War
Mobutu Sese Seko
Mengistu Haile Mariam
Laurent Kabila
King Leopold (Belgium)
Belgian occupation of the Congo
Patrice Lumumba

Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of:
1. what that person/place/event was/is
2. why it is important
3. what impact on society & life did that person/place/thing/event have on its people?

This is not a cut and paste assignment. You will not earn credit for plagiarism. Identify from where you learned your information.

Only 3 students per topic please.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Africa 2 - Families and Culture

Research various African countries' culture: gender roles, foods, music, educational standards, etc.

Identify the country
list 5-7 cultural characteristics you learned about that country
describe the quality of life in that country
post the links from where you received your information

Countries cannot be profiled more than three (3) times.

Africa 1 - Current Events

You are to research current events in Africa (think Sub-Saharan, rather than Northern Africa) on the following sites: CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera English, or National Geographic.

1. Offer a title of your event
2. Summarize your event (in 1-2 paragraphs)
3. post a link to more information about your event
4. and pose a discussion question to your peers about your event

Middle East 10 - Our Own Urbanspoon

Stop by any one of these Middle Eastern restaurants in KC:
1. Jerusalem Café
2. Aladdin Café
3. Habashi House
4. Holy Land Cafe
5. KC Grill & Kabob
6. Jerusalem Bakery
7. Papu's Cafe
8. Olive Cafe
9. Sahara
10. Cafe Casbah

Try a dish and report back here. What did you have? What was in it? Take a picture of you eating it and post it on your response. Did you like it - why or why not? Would you recommend it to someone else to try?

Middle East 9 - Middle Eastern Music

Visit the National Geographic World Music website to find a Middle Eastern artist.

Choose an artist/ song and write a music review that describes:
the lyrics
the song's meaning
the beats
the feelings you had while listening to it
the artist's motivation for writing or performing the song

Middle East 8 - Hotspots

World attention has focused on Egypt, Libya, and other countries in the Middle East. Read this article from CNN and complete the following task:

Which countries in the Middle East are next to have serious conflicts? Which countries' governments will deal with civil unrest?

Identify the next three (3) countries that will "fall".
Why will they fall? Why will the people rebel? What will be their demands? Predict how the governments will respond.

Copy and paste all sources used to complete this task.

Middle East 7 - Mental Maps

First discuss your mental map of the Middle East.

What do you know about the physical geography? What do you think about the culture?

Then look up images on Google using these keywords:

Qatar Hotels


Oman Sultan

King and Queen of Jordan

Discuss: what did you see? How different were those images from your mental map?

Middle East 6 - Water Politics

Research the politics of the Jordan River in the Middle East and the Nile River in North Africa. Explain how water resources should be allocated and answer the following questions:

• How much water should be allocated for farming, for urban development, and for recreation?

• Why must the countries surrounding the Jordan River and Nile River share the water?

• Why are the Palestinians and Jordanians disturbed over Israeli control of the Jordan River?

• Why do the Israelis use drip irrigation in farming?

• What impact does the Aswan High Dam have on the Nile River?

• What impact do the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers have on the region?

Be sure to copy and paste your sources used to find this information.

Middle East 5 - Terrorism and Freedom Fighters

It has been said that "one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist." What does this quote mean?

Watch the videos (choose either Hamas or Hezbollah - parts 1 & 2) and answer the following questions:

1. What does that group stand for?
2. Who would consider that group a terrorist organization? Why?
3. Do you consider that group to be freedom fighters or terrorists? Explain.
4. Explain US concerns about that group.

Middle East 4 - Women in Iran

Visit either site on Women in Iran (PBS or MSNBC) and then read this BBC article about the execution of Atefah Sahaaleh .

Write a 2-3 paragraph reaction to what you have read.

1. What are the similarities and differences in our culture and theirs?

2. What happened to Atefah? Why?

3. How does what you read in the PBS or MSNBC articles contradict what you read about Atefah?

Read about other countries in the Middle East and their responses to women's civil rights. Compare and contrast women's rights in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan or in Tunisia.

Middle East 3 - US Conflicts

Research either the conflict in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Answer the following questions:
1. Why are we involved in that country?
2. What benefits has our presence brought to that region?
3. What problems has our presence caused in that region?
4. What are the financial and human costs of our involvement in that region?
5. How can we end the conflicts in that region?

Middle East 2 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict

After researching the Arab – Israeli Conflict, answer the following questions:

1. Identify if tensions between Israelis and Palestinians stem from religious tensions, land ownership, or colonial/ Western interference.

2. How and why does culture play a role in cooperation and conflict in the region?

3. Why is Jerusalem so important to both the Arabs and the Jews?

4. Why is culture a barrier between Israelis and the Palestinians?

5. How do cultural characteristics define Jerusalem?

6. Is it possible to draft a peace accord between Israel and Palestinian people? Why have other attempts failed?

Middle East 1 - Current Events

Visit the Al Jazeera English website to find a (significant) current event in the Middle East.

1. Summarize the event in one paragraph (what is going on, why is it happening, who are the key players involved, and how will it or can it affect the rest of the world) and

2. pose a discussion questions tying your event to something we have covered in class.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

China's Tiger Mothers

Read this article entitled, "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior" and this article on overparenting (US).

Write a 1-2 paper that summarizes each article and offers your personal thoughts on the subject.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Watch this Youtube video about current global issues. Summarize the main issues discussed in the video and pose a thoughtful discussion question to your peers based on details presented from Did You Know?

Reposted from August 6th, 2010.

BLOG 19 - Outsourcing (ASIA)

Is Outsourcing Good? Is Outsourcing Bad? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Outsourcing? Who benefits from Outsourcing? Why is there so much controversy produced by Outsourcing?

What exactly is outsourcing?
1. Define outsourcing in your own words. Stay away from this Wikipedia article - even they acknowledge problems with this page.

2. Read this article: Two Sides of the Coin

3. Read this slideshow from Business Week

4. View this article about which US companies outsource.

5. Offer pros and cons of outsourcing jobs to China, India, or other countries in Asia.

BLOG 18 - When Nature Attacks (ASIA)

Imagine you are the head of the United Nation's Emergency Response and Humanitarian Aid Office (ERHA). Several horrific natural disasters have left your office depleted of resources but you have just enough funds and workers to help one of the following countries rebuild. Research the following events:

Indian Ocean tsunami (2004)
China earthquake (2008)
earthquake/ tsunami in Japan (2011)

Determine which country will receive your help and answer the questions/ complete the tasks below:

1. Identify the criteria you used to make your decision.

2. What resources would you send? How would you help the people affected?

3. How would you engage the global community to help the countries you could not?

4. What would you tell presidents/ prime ministers of countries prone to earthquakes and tsunamis to prepare for future disasters?

Additional Resource: Read this article on deadly global earthquakes and tsunamis from NBC Action News

BLOG 17 - China, Part 2

China’s Economic Problems: China’s critically low minimum wage and standard of living makes it extremely difficult for China’s native population to be able to buy substantial quantities of its native goods, or for China to be able to import very much from other countries. Questions for Consideration:

• What will happen if the world goes into an economic tailspin and other countries drastically cut back their imports of Chinese goods?
• What will happen if China’s government can’t feed its masses, or if a serious natural calamity hits the country and the government can’t or won’t solve it?
• China is one of the major polluters of the earth today and doesn’t want to be hampered in its quest to become a major industrial power (as the U. S. did unfettered in the 1800’s and early 1900’s). How will this attitude impact their country?
• Predict the impact of China’s recent trade problems (i.e., lead paint in toys, contaminated food products, etc.) on trade relations between China and other countries such as the United States.

BLOG 16 - China

PBS’ Young & Restless in China:


PBS'The People’s Court:

Write a 1 paragraph summary and a 1 paragraph reaction to the video you watched.

BLOG 15 - Conflict in South Asia

Research a conflict in South Asia’s history (colonization of India, India’s independence movement, terrorism in Sri Lanka, terror attacks in Mumbai (2008), the partition of India, battle over Kashmir or something current like nuclear weapons in Pakistan or Pakistan's possible involvement in harboring bin Laden, the debate over Tibetan sovereignty or the controversy of China's control of Taiwan).

Research should include reasons for the conflict, those involved in the conflict, results of the conflict, and impact of the conflict on the migration of citizens.

BLOG 14 - Time Zones (Asia)

A time zone map of East and Southeast Asia can be found at Answer the following questions:

•How many time zones are there in East and Southeast Asia?
•What is the significance of the International Date Line?
•If it is 7 a.m. in Myanmar (Burma), what time is it in Japan?
•If it is noon in Tokyo, Japan, what time is it in North Korea?
•If it is noon in Manila, Philippines, what time is it in Tokyo,Japan?

BLOG 13 - South Asian Ethnic Groups

Research information about the major ethnic groups and religions found in South Asia. Choose one country to study and complete the following chart on that country.

Click the picture to enlarge

BLOG 12 - Current Events in Asia

Directions: Choose one article to read about a current event in Asia/ The Pacific. Summarize the main points of the article (3-5 sentences) and pose a discussion question OR connect the event to something we previously discussed in class.

1. Stop Afghan school attacks, Hamid Karzai tells Taliban

2. Bodies of dead miners recovered in Pakistan

3. Pictures, Videos, and Articles (Full Coverage) of the Devastation in Japan

4. US Soldier accused of killing Afghan citizens to stand trial

5. Indian Holi Celebration

6. Education in India

7. China Tightens Censorship of Electronic Communications

Monday, March 14, 2011

BLOG 11 - Global Events

In our first blog back from Spring Break, you are to create your own blog topic (about relevant, appropriate, and current worldwide events).

You are to search BBC, CNN, the Kansas City Star, local news stations, the NYT, etc for a significant event. Summarize the event/ its effects/its significance, post a link where we can find more information (or from where you received your info), and pose a question.

You cannot post the same article as one already listed here.

Extra consideration will be given to students that converse with others, i.e., actually answer the questions posed. Be sure to acknowledge to whom you are referring with an "@".

Friday, March 4, 2011

Russia Discussion Questions

I am posting these discussion questions ahead of our assessment so that you can research/ add to your notes if necessary. If you have an excused absence the day we have our major discussion, you have one day to post your responses to this blog.

1. How do location and climate affect Industry & Agriculture in Russia? Connect to prior knowledge of other similar nations/ culture regions studied.

2. Discuss how Russia's beginnings were or were not indicative of current ethnic tensions.

3. Explain why WWI was a turning point in Russian history.

4. What events affected US-Russia relations since 1917? Have these events had a positive or negative influence on the US-Russian relationship?

5. How did US sci-fi films (of the 50s) reflect political tensions with Russia?

6. What factors contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union?

7. Discuss Russia's struggles with transforming a command economy to a market economy.

8. Relate the Chernobyl disaster to the New START Treaty between the US & Russia.

9. Compare & contrast the US & Russian educational system.

10. Compare & contrast the US & Russian criminal justice system.

11. Compare & contrast US & Russian culture and customs. Be sure to include: family structures, gender roles, religious activities, general social behavior, etc. Make sure you discuss "social realism".

Monday, February 21, 2011

Russia via YouTube

Check out these resources:

Russian National Anthem

Welcome to Russia

Russian Primetime News

Moscow Out - culture & entertainment

Turning left in Moscow

From Russia with Hate

Russian Streetkids (21 minutes)

Sprite commercial

Candy bar for men commercial

McDonald's commercial

Music - Roma Kenga Высоко

Music - "Ya Drugaya"

Music - Timati ft Snoop Dogg

Music - St1m - чернила

BLOG 10 - Russian Culture

Directions: You are a reporter asked to learn about Russian culture for an upcoming article. Access the links below to learn about Russian food, music, fashion/style, family structures, history and language. Write a paragraph summary of what you learned and answer five (5) of the questions below:

Customs & Culture

Comparing & Contrasting Russian and American culture

Russian Culture - (this site was created to inform men about potential internet-ordered Russian brides but it still has good information about the culture and people)

Culture & History

Russian Cuisine

Russian Music

Remember - you have to write a paragraph summary of what you learned and answer five (5) of the questions below (You cannot answer the same questions as the poster directly above you):

1. Describe how a typical Russian family lives
2. Describe gift giving etiquette in your own words. Compare to gift giving in the US.
3. Describe Russia's "communal spirit" - what does this mean and from where does it come?
4. Describe women's roles in Russia. Compare to women's roles in the US.
5. What is the major difference in running a private business in Russia and the US?
6. Describe how Russian holidays differ from those celebrated in the US.
7. What are some of the major issues in Russia's population decline?
8. What is "dusha" and how does it relate to past class topics?
9. How does a typical Russian meal differ from a meal in the US?
10. Describe modern Russian music - compare/contrast to American music.
11. Russia is a multi-ethnic land much like the US. Based on what you have learned, is Russia more successful than the US in creating harmony in diversity?

Respond to your classmates posts for additional credit. Begin your response, with @their-name-here.

@Mrs B-E, I liked your post about...because...I thought the same thing...

BLOG 9 - The Shapers of Russian History

Directions: Choose either a person(or group) or event to study and write a paragraph summary of that person's life/ group's rise to power/ events' significance to Russian history. Be sure to include a link to more information. Remember, this assignment must be written in your own words.

Each person/group/ event may be discussed no more than 3 times.

Influential People/ Groups:

Kievan Rus
Ivan III
Ivan IV (the Terrible)
The Romanovs
Peter the Great
Catherine the Great
Alexander I
Nicholas I
Nicholas II
VI Lenin
Josef Stalin
Nikita Khrushchev
Mikhail Gorbachev
Boris Yeltsin
Vladimir Putin
Dmitriy Medvedev

Significant Events:
The establishment of the Rurikid Dynasty
The Rus-Byzantine War (941, 1042, 1043 - any)
The Christianization of Kievan Rus
Battle of the Kalka River
Mongol Invasion of Russia
The Siege of Kazan
Feodor I gains the throne
The tales of False Dmitriy I, II
Russo - Polish War
Pusso-Swedish War
The Salt Riot
Peter the Great's Westernization of Russia
The Great Northern War
The French invasion of Russia
Emancipation reform of 1861 (serfs freed)
Bloody Sunday (1905)
World War I
The Bolshevik uprising
USSR created
Russian famine of 1921
Gulag/ The Great Purges
The Cult of Personality
The Cold War
The Space Race
The Cuban Missile Crisis
The Singing Revolution
perestroika and glasnost
USSR dissolved
The Chechen Wars
Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis
Beslan Massacre
South Ossetian War

BLOG 8 - Russia - Current Events

Directions - Read an article/ watch a video about a current event in Russia or a satellite country. Summarize the events in one paragraph.

Again - 1. this is not a cut & paste assignment and 2. you will not receive credit for posts that do not meet the paragraph requirement.

1. Russian Finance Minister Says Political Change is Needed

2. 10 Die in North Caucasus Clashes

3. Suicide Bombing at Moscow Airport

4. The New START Treaty

5. Нажим на режим ливийского лидера усиливается

6. Ski Resort Security Boosted After Attacks

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Europe via YouTube

Take a look at these clips from Youtube - they will provide you with a look at European countries the book cannot give you...NOTE - I am not responsible for comments or content outside the scope of this class found on YouTube posts

The Netherlands
Study in Holland

24 Hours in Paris
10 Things You Need to Know about Paris
Speak French 101


Ancient Rome ???

Quirky Places to Visit

Anthony Bourdain's breakfast


After the Wall: East & West

The Czech Republic

From WatchMojo


Ancient Greek Gods (mythology)
History & Current Events
Economic Breakdown

Speak Finnish - Numbers

Economic Status
The Ice Hotel

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Political Cartoon - due 2/18 - (XC)

Find a recent political cartoon (2011) that depicts a major political issue in Europe. Bring a copy of the cartoon with a 1 paragraph summary of the issue highlighted or post the link to the cartoon and type a 1 paragraph summary of the issue depicted.

No repeats per class...

Economic Comparisons - Due 2/18

After learning about the different economic systems, complete the task below.

Identify ten (10) countries' economic systems in Europe and Latin America (for a total of 20).


Latin America

European Inventions - Due 2/16 (XC)

Create a list of the top ten European inventions, innovations, and/ or discoveries over the past two hundred years. Describe how each invention or discovery on the list has impacted inter-regional activities and its impact on the environment (both positive and negative) in Europe.

Monday, January 31, 2011

BLOG 7 - World Music - Europe due 2/21

Read/watch the information posted below. Your task is to post a link to another European artist - For example: find a French band, a British pop group, a Hungarian pop artist, an Italian rapper, or a Greek band...

A. Dutch songstress Caro Emerald

B. Check out this German site featuring photos of the EMAs (European Music Awards) - What in the world does Usher have on???

C. German rapper Aggro Berlin

D. Russian rapper Timati

E. Bulgarian singer Sahara’s "Mine" - Song features American R&B singer Mario Winans

F. Italian crooner Cesare Cremonini

BLOG 6 - Push & Pull Factors - due 2/18

Read an article about the push and pull factors in European migration which can be found at

Discuss migration topics presented in previous units (colonization of the New World, urbanization, etc.).

Make predictions - predict the reasons for migration in Europe and out of Europe.

During reading, check and revise predictions.

Questions to consider:
What push factors were involved in these migrations?
What pull factors were involved in these migrations?

BLOG 5 - Major Events in Europe - due 2/11

What major event that occurred or originated in Europe (within the past 1000 years) had the MOST significant impact on American history?

The Transatlantic Slave Trade?
World War I? World War II?
American Independence?
The French Revolution?
The Holocaust?
The Euro?

There are thousands of events that helped shape the US. Which had the most profound effect? Explain.

BLOG 4.5 - Time Zones - due 2/9 (XC)

Answer the following questions after studying time zone map of Europe
· How many time zones are there in Europe?
· For every 15° of longitude there is a difference of how much time?
· What is the line of longitude at 0° called? Through what city and country does it pass?
· What is the significance of the International Date Line?
· If it is 7a.m. in Rome, Italy, what time is it in Reykjavik, Iceland?
· If it is noon in London, what time is it in Moscow?
· If it is noon in Madrid, what time is it in Paris?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BLOG 3.5 - DTM/Country Profile Discussion - DUE 1/28 for credit

After reviewing the DTM and the assigned country profiles, students need to answer the following questions:

1. Describe your country's quality of life - consider life expectancy rates, income, poverty rates, educational opportunities, diseases, etc)

2. In what stage of the DTM is your country?

3. What factors (be country specific) influence your country's population growth?

4. Predict your country's economic status in 10 years based on its current DTM status. Will it be a LEDC? NIC? MEDC?

5. Discuss transnational issues that affect your country's growth (focus on major economic activities - illegal and legal)

6. Would you visit your country based on the information obtained from the CIA World Factbook? Explain.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

BLOG 3 - World Music - Latin America due 1/28

Find a Latin or Afro-Caribbean artist's video and post the link here. No repeats please.

Lady Saw - "Party till December"
Jamaican Dancehall artist

Website Link - Extra Credit Project, due 1/24

For your extra credit projects on Latin America, post:

Your first name
class hour
the link to your website

BLOG 2 - Past & Present, due 1/21

There were several significant people and events from Latin America that shaped world history:

The Jonestown Massacre in Guyana

The Andes Mountain crash that inspired the film Alive

Che Guevara

Fidel Castro

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti

33 trappers miners in Chile escaped death

Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug trade

Brazil's Carnivale

1804 Haitian Revolution

The Columbian Exchange

The Transatlantic Slave Trade

...the list goes on and on...

Your task is to:

A. list a significant event (or person) (that occurred in any of the Latin American countries studied) that influenced world history,

B. Write a one paragraph summary of the event (this is NOT a cut & paste assignment) - be sure to post a link to the site/s from where you learned your information

C. Post a link to a newscast or documentary about your selected topic.


BLOG 1 - Current Events in Latin America, due 1/14

Directions: Read one of the following articles from CNN World:

1. Woman arrested for Guatemalan bus bombing

2. Mexico's other enemy: Obesity rates triple in last 3 decades

3. Strong earthquake strikes central Chile

4. Brazil inaugurates first female president

5. U.N., Colombia step up flood relief efforts

6. Cholera death toll in Haiti rises to more than 3,000

2. write a one-paragraph summary of the events in your chosen article (This is NOT a cut & paste assignment)
3. post a YouTube video link of a newscast or related story