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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

China's Tiger Mothers

Read this article entitled, "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior" and this article on overparenting (US).

Write a 1-2 paper that summarizes each article and offers your personal thoughts on the subject.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Watch this Youtube video about current global issues. Summarize the main issues discussed in the video and pose a thoughtful discussion question to your peers based on details presented from Did You Know?

Reposted from August 6th, 2010.

BLOG 19 - Outsourcing (ASIA)

Is Outsourcing Good? Is Outsourcing Bad? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Outsourcing? Who benefits from Outsourcing? Why is there so much controversy produced by Outsourcing?

What exactly is outsourcing?
1. Define outsourcing in your own words. Stay away from this Wikipedia article - even they acknowledge problems with this page.

2. Read this article: Two Sides of the Coin

3. Read this slideshow from Business Week

4. View this article about which US companies outsource.

5. Offer pros and cons of outsourcing jobs to China, India, or other countries in Asia.

BLOG 18 - When Nature Attacks (ASIA)

Imagine you are the head of the United Nation's Emergency Response and Humanitarian Aid Office (ERHA). Several horrific natural disasters have left your office depleted of resources but you have just enough funds and workers to help one of the following countries rebuild. Research the following events:

Indian Ocean tsunami (2004)
China earthquake (2008)
earthquake/ tsunami in Japan (2011)

Determine which country will receive your help and answer the questions/ complete the tasks below:

1. Identify the criteria you used to make your decision.

2. What resources would you send? How would you help the people affected?

3. How would you engage the global community to help the countries you could not?

4. What would you tell presidents/ prime ministers of countries prone to earthquakes and tsunamis to prepare for future disasters?

Additional Resource: Read this article on deadly global earthquakes and tsunamis from NBC Action News

BLOG 17 - China, Part 2

China’s Economic Problems: China’s critically low minimum wage and standard of living makes it extremely difficult for China’s native population to be able to buy substantial quantities of its native goods, or for China to be able to import very much from other countries. Questions for Consideration:

• What will happen if the world goes into an economic tailspin and other countries drastically cut back their imports of Chinese goods?
• What will happen if China’s government can’t feed its masses, or if a serious natural calamity hits the country and the government can’t or won’t solve it?
• China is one of the major polluters of the earth today and doesn’t want to be hampered in its quest to become a major industrial power (as the U. S. did unfettered in the 1800’s and early 1900’s). How will this attitude impact their country?
• Predict the impact of China’s recent trade problems (i.e., lead paint in toys, contaminated food products, etc.) on trade relations between China and other countries such as the United States.

BLOG 16 - China

PBS’ Young & Restless in China:


PBS'The People’s Court:

Write a 1 paragraph summary and a 1 paragraph reaction to the video you watched.

BLOG 15 - Conflict in South Asia

Research a conflict in South Asia’s history (colonization of India, India’s independence movement, terrorism in Sri Lanka, terror attacks in Mumbai (2008), the partition of India, battle over Kashmir or something current like nuclear weapons in Pakistan or Pakistan's possible involvement in harboring bin Laden, the debate over Tibetan sovereignty or the controversy of China's control of Taiwan).

Research should include reasons for the conflict, those involved in the conflict, results of the conflict, and impact of the conflict on the migration of citizens.

BLOG 14 - Time Zones (Asia)

A time zone map of East and Southeast Asia can be found at Answer the following questions:

•How many time zones are there in East and Southeast Asia?
•What is the significance of the International Date Line?
•If it is 7 a.m. in Myanmar (Burma), what time is it in Japan?
•If it is noon in Tokyo, Japan, what time is it in North Korea?
•If it is noon in Manila, Philippines, what time is it in Tokyo,Japan?

BLOG 13 - South Asian Ethnic Groups

Research information about the major ethnic groups and religions found in South Asia. Choose one country to study and complete the following chart on that country.

Click the picture to enlarge

BLOG 12 - Current Events in Asia

Directions: Choose one article to read about a current event in Asia/ The Pacific. Summarize the main points of the article (3-5 sentences) and pose a discussion question OR connect the event to something we previously discussed in class.

1. Stop Afghan school attacks, Hamid Karzai tells Taliban

2. Bodies of dead miners recovered in Pakistan

3. Pictures, Videos, and Articles (Full Coverage) of the Devastation in Japan

4. US Soldier accused of killing Afghan citizens to stand trial

5. Indian Holi Celebration

6. Education in India

7. China Tightens Censorship of Electronic Communications

Monday, March 14, 2011

BLOG 11 - Global Events

In our first blog back from Spring Break, you are to create your own blog topic (about relevant, appropriate, and current worldwide events).

You are to search BBC, CNN, the Kansas City Star, local news stations, the NYT, etc for a significant event. Summarize the event/ its effects/its significance, post a link where we can find more information (or from where you received your info), and pose a question.

You cannot post the same article as one already listed here.

Extra consideration will be given to students that converse with others, i.e., actually answer the questions posed. Be sure to acknowledge to whom you are referring with an "@".

Friday, March 4, 2011

Russia Discussion Questions

I am posting these discussion questions ahead of our assessment so that you can research/ add to your notes if necessary. If you have an excused absence the day we have our major discussion, you have one day to post your responses to this blog.

1. How do location and climate affect Industry & Agriculture in Russia? Connect to prior knowledge of other similar nations/ culture regions studied.

2. Discuss how Russia's beginnings were or were not indicative of current ethnic tensions.

3. Explain why WWI was a turning point in Russian history.

4. What events affected US-Russia relations since 1917? Have these events had a positive or negative influence on the US-Russian relationship?

5. How did US sci-fi films (of the 50s) reflect political tensions with Russia?

6. What factors contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union?

7. Discuss Russia's struggles with transforming a command economy to a market economy.

8. Relate the Chernobyl disaster to the New START Treaty between the US & Russia.

9. Compare & contrast the US & Russian educational system.

10. Compare & contrast the US & Russian criminal justice system.

11. Compare & contrast US & Russian culture and customs. Be sure to include: family structures, gender roles, religious activities, general social behavior, etc. Make sure you discuss "social realism".