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Saturday, November 27, 2010

World Music -

All of the following details were found at website

Check out:
1. Swedish hip-hop artists

2.French pop artists

3. Russian rappers

4. Japanese rock musicians

Choose one music genre: hip-hop, pop, rap, or rock and compare 2-3 artists highlighted in that genre (on to American musicians in that genre. For example, read/watch information about 2-3 Swedish hip-hop artists and compare their respective styles to popular US hip-hop artists.

World Music - Paris DJs

Check out videos for the following Paris DJs/ artists:

Doctor L
1. Mountains Will Never Surrender
2. Sweet Life

Le Damn Dog
1. Watch Out

Ebo Taylor w/ the Afro Beat Academy
1. Love Is Not Too Far

Watch/listen to the artist's music. Choose one and write a music review. You may need to check music reviews at the following sites: Rolling Stone, Vibe,the Source, Entertainment Weekly, etc to determine what essential information you should include.

World Music - Global Artists

Here is an extremely small list of global musicians -

Michael Jackson (US)
The Beatles (England)
Rihanna (Barbados)
Sean Paul (Jamaica)
M.I.A. (British artist of Sri Lanka Tamil descent)
Drake (Canada)
Shakira (Colombia)

Task: Add a one paragraph bio (and the source from where you read this information)about another global musician - someone (or a group) from another country that is popular in the US OR a US group/person popular all over the world.

This is NOT a CUT & PASTE task. You have to summarize the details you find in your research. What makes this person/group so popular around the world?

No repeating artists please.

World Music - The Darker Side of the Beat

There have been several American movies made about kids wanting to dance and conservative parents wanting the dance-crazed teens to stop...Footloose, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Breakin' 2 - Electric Bugaloo, How She Move, the list goes on and on...

What serves as entertainment to us, may be an actual struggle somewhere else. Women are not allowed to dance in public in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Iran. Musicians from Myanmar, China, Somalia, and Cameroon have been imprisoned or killed because of their music.

Read these stories about the darker side of music and dancing around the world.

A. See - a website dedicated to highlighting music censorship around the world

B. The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

C. The Dancing Girls of Pakistan

World Music - Europe

Read/watch the information posted below. Your task is to post a link to another European artist - For example: find a French band, a British pop group, a Hungarian pop artist, an Italian rapper, or a Greek band...

A. Dutch songstress Caro Emerald

B. Check out this German site featuring photos of the EMAs (European Music Awards) - What in the world does Usher have on???

C. German rapper Aggro Berlin

D. Russian rapper Timati

E. Bulgarian singer Sahara’s "Mine" - Song features American R&B singer Mario Winans

F. Italian crooner Cesare Cremonini

World Music - UK

Here are three artists from the UK:

British funk/acid band

Adele – Someone Like You

British songstress Estelle
American Boy ft. Kanye West

Pick one of the artists and write a music review of their song (identify the artist and song title) like you would find in a music or entertainment magazine.

World Music - Asia

Here are two examples of up and coming Asian artists:

Jin Akanishi
Japanese Pop Sensation

Jonathon Wong
Canto (Chinese) pop sensation

Task: post a link from MTV Iggy, Youtube, or National Geographic World Music of another Asian artist. No repeats please.

World Music - Pop Idol

Pop Idol has taken the world by storm - 43 countries have a version of the series (American Idol). Read about the series on Wikipedia.

Task: find a Youtube clip (and post the link here) of another country's Pop Idol series. Please no repeats.

Afghan Star – Documentary Trailer
American Idol meets Afghanistan

World Music - Afro/Latin Mix

A mix of Jamaican and Spanish music -

Find a Latin or Afro-Caribbean artist's video and post the link here. No repeats please.

Lady Saw - "Party till December"
Jamaican Dancehall artist

Spanish singer/songwriter Jairo Zavala, a.k.a. DePedro - Comanche

World Music - Africa

Read/Watch information about influential musicians from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. How has the American music scene influenced the different sounds of African music or vice versa? How has African beats and rhythms influenced American music?

Kenyan musician P-Unit

Fela! The Musical!
Nigerian musician/activist; Jay-Z and the Smiths (Will & Jada) are producing the musical for Broadway

Read about the 2010 MTV Africa (MTV Base) Awards Which American artists will be there?

World Music - Intro

Artists like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince are famous all over the world. Check out these links below to see who is working toward being the next big global act or see what other people are listening to around the world.

1. Paris DJs
This site will let you download selected tracks form artists for free.

2. MTV
Scroll down to MTV Worldwide to see the countries for which MTV provides content; NOTE: you will not be able to view or listen to videos from other countries.

3. MTV Iggy
Global Music

4. National Geographic
World Music
10 global musicians’ videos to view

Task: Watch one music video (identify the artist name and song title) and write a music review like you would find in Vibe, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, etc. Explain why the artist should get 5 mics or none at all.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mini-Project Links

Copy and paste the links to your online state projects from or here with your First Name, Hour, and State.

Lelani - 2nd hour - Maine

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Blog Scoring Guide
4 points - students use class material and outside information in a detailed, organized, and articulate response in two paragraphs OR

3 points - students use class material and outside information in a detailed, organized, and articulate response in one 5-8 sentence paragraph.

+3 points - students provide useful, relevant, school appropriate and credible links (to websites, videos, or primary source documents) for others as an additional class resource

+2 points - students pose questions to peers and/or provide an insightful critique of a peer's opinion

+1 point - no slang syntax used in the response; no grammatical or mechanical errors are present

-1 point – for slang, grammatical, and punctuation errors present in the response

Total: 10 points

NOTE: You do not receive credit for just responding – you must demonstrate knowledge of the topic and contribute something meaningful to the discussion to receive credit.

Section 4.2 - US/Canada/Greenland

Go to Getty Images and type an event (ex. Columbine, Hurricane Katrina, or 9/11) in American History in the search bar to retrieve images from that event. Post a link to that image and discuss why that event was so significant in American History. How did that event change or influence our culture?

Be sure to follow the guidelines for posts. You do not receive credit just for responding. You have to follow the scoring guide.

Section 4.2 - US/Canada/Greenland

An American college student wanted to write a paper on the similarities and differences between American and Canadian culture and asked people to respond to his blog. Read the first page of his blog and create a list of:
*5 things that are uniquely American
*5 things that are uniquely Canadian
*5 things we both share

Keep in mind that these comments may not be the most reliable - you may have to conduct additional research to find these answers.

Section 4.2 - US/Canada/Greenland

Watch this YouTube video on Racism in Canada. Keep in mind, this video is only one perspective of what racism is and what it may look like to some in Canada and cannot be used as a definite indicator of life there.

After watching, detail your thoughts about racism in Canada and compare those to your feelings of racism/ discrimination in the US.

Section 4.2 - US/Canada/Greenland

Read this Wikipedia article about the Canadian Hip-Hop scene (Yes, one exists!!!).

Link a Canadian rap song (one from Drake will not work...) to this blog so all Global Studies students can hear it. No repeating songs please.

Section 4.2 - US/Canada/Greenland

Traditional Greenlandic food is based on fish and seafood.

The most popular ingredients of a Greenlandic dish are (the eyes, kidneys, or hearts of) walruses, seals and whales - yum!!!

Most vegetables and fruits included in Greenland’s cuisine are imported. Local dishes also include crab, shrimp, caribou, musk ox and arctic fox.

There are numerous ingredients, introduced in Greenlandic cuisine from Denmark cuisine, such as mushrooms, red or white cabbage, onion, dill and mayonnaise.

Find a Greenlandic recipe and post it here (be sure to add the source).

Section 4.2 - US/Canada/Greenland

First detail your thoughts about Greenland. What do you think it's like to live there? What do you think people eat there? take a moment to write down what you think the culture is like.

The watch this Youtube video on Greenland.

After watching, detail your thoughts on Greenland. What did you learn about the people and culture? Was it anything like you thought?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Unit 4 - The World

Watch this video about rich & poor divisions in Mumbai. How are these issues similar to current problems in the US?

Unit 4 - The World

Read this MSNBC article about a Kenyan officer's HIV rampage killing. Discuss your reactions to what you have read.

Unit 4 - The World

Read this CNN News article about a boy in Kabul. How does his story relate to some in the United States?

Unit 4 - The World

Read this BBC article about Queen Elizabeth and Facebook. Should royalty (or in our case, presidents) participate in social networking? Please defend your answer.

Unit 4 - The World

Read this BBC article on the cholera outbreak in Haiti. How should the US respond?

Unit 4 - The World

Read this article from Britain's BBC News on Sweden's recent issues with race and violence. How are the issues presented in the article similar to those in the United States?

Monday, October 18, 2010

KU Experience

What did you learn on your field trip? What are the requirements to attend the school? What majors are available?

What do you need to do to prepare for college?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the World Eats

Scroll down this TIME article to watch the master chefs cook bugs in this VIDEO. How does this information relate to globalization and/or culture?

What the World Eats

Ever thought about eating bugs? It's not as weird as you think - people have done it for generations. Read this article from National Geographic. How does the information presented in this article relate to culture?

What the World Eats

Watch this video about the "Triple ByPass Burger" and write about how this video relates to American cultures and values.

What the World Eats

Read this article from CNNgo about McDonalds & China - for $250 you too can get married at McDonalds. Read the article, analyze what you see in the pictures, and write how this relates to globalization. Is this a positive or negative consequence of globalization?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Unit 3 - Globalization

Time Magazine Photo Gallery:
What the World Eats, Part I -,29307,1626519,00.html

What the World Eats, Part II -,29307,1645016,00.html

How do these global cultures differ from the American way of life? Your family's background?

Unit 3 - Globalization

Define Globalization

Watch two videos on globalization and discuss (Video 1 on Vimeo - and Video 2 on YouTube).

What are the pros and cons of globalization? Respond in 2-3 paragraphs.

Unit 3 - Globalization

Find a picture from this site: 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time - that best connects to the themes discussed in this unit (see the Unit 3 Guide for details). In 50 words or less, explain how the photo best represents globalization.

Unit 3 - Globalization

Read either article -

Let's Move -

USA Today - or

on First Lady Michelle Obama’s Healthy Kids Initiative

What are your thoughts on America's drive to have healthier kids? How do these ideas connect to our urban garden initiative?

Unit 3 - Globalization

Read the following NPR article, “Kids Prefer the Taste of Food Marketed with Cartoon Characters” at

Write a 1-2 paragraph reaction to the article's main points.

Culture Studies


Dis/Agree - American students should speak at least two languages fluently before graduating in order to participate in the global community. Write a 2-3 paragraph response; be sure to use evidence to support your conclusions.

Culture Studies

Writing Prompt -

Should immigrants acculturate or assimilate to American culture? Write a 1-2 paragraph response; be sure to use evidence to support your conclusions.

Unit 3 Activities

Watch either video on Native American Mascots ( OR

Answer this question in a 2-3 paragraph response: How are these negative cultural symbols similar to those in your ethnic community?

Unit 3 Activities

Create a Wordle word cloud of Unit 3 Terms to Know ( Copy & paste the link to your creation as your response.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Your blog assignment for this week is to respond to one (1) peer's question or comment from September's STUDENT CREATED TOPICS.

To Respond:
Type the @ symbol and then the name of the student you are responding to.

If I wanted to respond to Joe Schmo's post, I would type:
@joeschmo - and my response...

Remember, you have to contribute to an intelligent conversation, not just post to post something. You do not earn credit by just typing something.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

SAMPLE - Excellent/ NO Credit


Question: Should punishment for a capital offense (executions) be televised on cable to the viewing public?


Read this CNN article/ see the slideshow of the San Bruno Fire, here. What are the social, economic, and environmental costs of such a disaster?


Read this article about the conflict arising from a proposal to build a mosque blocks from the World Trade Center buildings once stood and the conflict from a church's (once) proposed public burning of the Qu'ran (article here).

View this video: In the Shadow of 9/11

Question: Should our (the US) focus be on rebuilding or revenge? Please defend your answers.


Many of you may be or are too young to appreciate what happened on September 11, 2001.

1. Detail where you were and what you remember about the day.

2. Discuss why you believe we were attacked.

3. Watch Falling People, What the Firemen Heard, and Call from Inside. I warn you, these videos are not for the faint of heart but they shed light on parts of the Tragedy generally withheld from children.

4.What can we learn from this?

Additional Resource: CNN video on the new memorial

Friday, September 10, 2010



You are to post discussion topics or questions relevant to this class. If your question or topic is related to the world - then it is relevant...

Here are some example questions (that no one else can use later)...

Globalization & Trade - how do Nikes get from China to Famous Footwear?

Drugs - How do drug wars in Mexico affect US border security? or this incident?: Read this CNN article on the prison break in Mexico where 85 prisoners escaped.

Culture - Are Mexican-Americans "allowed" to use the N-word???

Government - Do you think the Birthers REALLY don't believe President Obama is a US Citizen? Is the problem really about his skin tone?

Government/ Politics - Is MSNBC just as biased as FOX News? Should the news be objective or cater to certain groups of people based on political beliefs?

Culture - What does "ghetto" mean now? How has the connotation changed over time?

NOTE: you are allowed to respond to others' questions...


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Discussion Credit

This is a reminder that we blog for class not text or use Facebook-speak to relay messages. Here is the discussion credit directions/ scoring guide:

No credit will be given for students that do not follow stated (or written) directives.


If you completed a digital project, copy & paste the link here with a description of your project.

First Name, Hour

This is "36 Hours in My Kansas City" based on the New York Times article read in class.

Monday, September 6, 2010

UNITS 1 & 2 - The Fall of the Nacirema

Unit 1 (You Are Here) and Unit 2 (The Origins of Man) Connections

Is the Nacirema society destined to "collapse"? Connect the reading to Jared Diamond's clip (TED video). Write a 1 page summary of events and discuss your personal views.

Click on the links to view the article and the video

The Origins of Man - Confucius Says...

Choose one of the following quotes - explain its meaning and find an African proverb, old fable, Greek mythology, Native American story, or Japanese haiku with a similar meaning. Post your response and your story (with the author and web address) here:

1. Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.

2. Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

3. Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.

4. Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.

5. He who will not economize will have to agonize.

6. I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

The Origins of Man - World Religions, Part Deux

Go to this site: and choose one religion listed. Post a 1-2 paragraph summary about that religion's main tenets.

The Origins of Man - Sumerians

A. How did geography affect the cultural development of the Fertile Crescent?
B. How did the Sumerians overcome their lack of resources?
C. Create a simple hierarchical chart to show the class structure created by the Sumerians.
D. What are the characteristics of a city-state? How did monarchs gain power in the early city-states of Mesopotamia?
E. How does an empire differ from a city-state?
F. How did Hammurabi’s legal code advance civilization?

The Origins of Man - World Religions

Create a chart in Google Docs that compares and contrasts the major tenets of the 5 world religions studied.

Review -

1. Hinduism -

2. Buddhism -

3. Judaism -

4. Judeo-Christian beliefs – Genesis 1-3 -

5. Islam -

Post the link to your chart here:

The Origins of Man - Syncretism

Explain how Carnival or Mardi Gras are examples of syncretism.

Offer three more examples of syncretism between a tribal or animistic religion and a major/dominant world religion. Please list the name and the web addresses to your sources.

The Origins of Man - Gilgamesh & Sun Tzu

Study Gilgamesh here: and Sun Tzu (History Channel aired a documentary in 2009; it can be found in 10 parts on YouTube. Here is part 1: Write a 2-3 paged summary on the similarities and differences of each leader.

The Origins of Man - Civilizations

Define civilization and discuss what components are necessary for creating and sustaining a civilization. Do not just list terms/items - explain why each point made is relevant to our discussion.

The Origins of Man - SPRITE


I introduced the SPRITE categorizing technique to help you organize & study terms/concepts learned in class.

Is this a helpful strategy, one that you will use throughout our class and in others? And... what other categories would you add and why?

Example - G-SPRITE (Geography - to explore how people/ concepts are shaped by their physical environment)

CURRENT EVENTS - News About the News

Watch this video from TED: Discuss: how much do you know about world events? Why don't students know more or are connected more to what happens in the world around them?

Assignment: Find 3 reputable news sources from other countries. Answer the discussion questions and post the name and web addresses to the three sites you found. What are the top stories discussed around the world right now? - List 5.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

CURRENT EVENTS - Racism Changes School & Student

Read the MSNBC article: about a high school in the midst racially charged problems. After reading discuss:

1. The majority of the instigators were black, the victims were Asian. Does the ethnic background of the perpetrator or victim diminish or enhance the problems in the story? Would your response be the same if the "perps" were white and the victims were black? - or vice versa???

2. Is this a racial or economic issue? Are the two issue confused or intertwined?

3. Why is racial bias still an issue?

CURRENT EVENTS - Landslides. Flooding, & Quakes

Read the articles on the recent natural disasters in Guatemala:, Pakistan:, and New Zealand:

Do you think Global Warming is to blame for the recent and severe natural disasters around the world or is this just "nature as usual"? Please defend your answer.

Discussion Credit

This is a reminder that we blog for class not text or use Facebook-speak to relay messages. Here is the discussion credit directions/ scoring guide:

No credit will be given for students that do not follow stated (or written) directives.


Read this Wikipedia article: and this article from USA Today: What are the possible ecological and economic consequences we will see for the next 20 years?

This is not the first oil spill on or near US shores. Research 3 others - list the websites used in your research and give a 2-3 sentence summary of what happened (oil spill) and how wildlife and industries were affected.

CURRENT EVENTS - Hurricane Katrina - 5 Years Later

These articles from the Wall Street Journal: and Associated Content: discuss the ebb and flow of rebuilding. Reflect on your thoughts regarding the US efforts to rebuild New Orleans (the city that sustained the most damage).

I highly recommend watching Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke and the follow up: If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise (

CURRENT EVENTS - Women's Rights Elsewhere in the World

In Iran (and other countries), women can be sentenced to death for adultery, political activism, drug use and abuse, homosexuality, among other crimes. Read this article from CNN:

and this article from Amnesty International:

Discuss your feelings regarding these cases AND
find another case involving a woman and a controversial death sentence (any country - Atefah Sahaaleh, Iran; Aileen Wuornos, US; Wang Ziqi and Tao Minggu, China; Mata Hari, etc) to compare/ contrast major themes and issues.

Include the links to articles or videos found/ used for your explanations.

CURRENT EVENTS - A Tale of Survival

Plane crash survivors that ate the flesh of dead comrades to live relays a message of hope and fight to the trapped miners in Chile. Read the CNN article here:

What would you be willing to do to survive? Find another tale of desperate times calling for desperate measures to live for comparison.

CURRENT EVENTS - Hurricane Earl

Read this article about Hurricane Earl:

What can the response (the US Government, the public, or the international response) to Hurricane Katrina teach use about how to prepare for or rebuild after Hurricane Earl?

CURRENT EVENTS - Chilean Miners

Read this BBC article about the trapped Chilean miners: and watch this video from CBS News:

Imagine you are trapped for several days and unable to continue life as normal. What would be the things you miss the most and why?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Geo Obs #2 - Kansas City, MO

List and describe the top five (5) places to eat at or visit in Kansas City, MO. {You can include the metro}

Geo Obs #1 - Your "Hood"

Describe your neighborhood using objective and subjective terms - be as appropriately descriptive as possible in detailing the sights, sounds, people, history, and life in your neighborhood.

TPQ 6 - Summertime

Describe your favorite (childhood) summertime memory. Detail geographical features. See Nikki Giovanni's "Knoxville, Tennessee" for details.

TPQ 5 - Thought Provoking Question

Create 3 TPQs of your own:

TPQ 4 - Perception

Define perception and detail a situation or example in which perception and reality conflicted.

TPQ 3 - Technology, Part Deux

Describe the "school of the future". How will technology be used in the classroom 10, 20, or 50 years from now?

Research: Are there any countries that currently use, have, or do some of the items you have listed?

TPQ 2 - What is Geography?

Please answer the following questions in an articulate, in-depth, and thoughtful response.

1. What is your definition of Geography?
2. How does Geography relate to other Social Studies classes?
3. Why should we care? What can we learn and how does this information affect you?

TPQ 1: Technology

How has technology affected how we communicate? Discuss "then" and "now" as well as "pros" and "cons" of digital communications.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Did You Know?

Watch this Youtube video and respond to the following question in an articulate, thoughtful, and in-depth response:

So what does it all mean???

Adnan Nevic

According to the UN, Adnan Nevic became the 6 billionth person on earth on October 12, 1999. 1999 - that was 11 years ago.

1. What tools can you use to find out how many people are here now?

2. What factors have to be considered in calculating how many people are in the world right now?

3. Why should we care about how many people are on earth?

4. How does the number on earth affect you?

Welcome to B'Easyville!!!

Ah-bee (hello in B'Easyville)! Welcome to B'Easyville, our city at

We are creating our own city; a community of Global Studies students involved in a social experiment. Can we populate, build, and govern a city with the knowledge learned from class? Here is the link to B'Easyville...

Before we build, we have to start with inhabitants. World Geography/Global Studies students (only, no friends or friends of friends - this is not a Facebook page) must first click (or cut and paste the link into your internet browser)the link to get started. Remember to use a school appropriate username for any communications.

More directions and instructions as our city grows...


Welcome to class! We will blog for extra credit, to participate in discussions after class is over, to get a deeper understanding of class topics, or to research topics outside of class.

Let's begin with introductions -

You can write an introductory paragraph - likes, dislikes, information about where you are from, your family, etc OR...

You can create an interactive poster at, upload a 3-5 minute introduction to, or create a zooming personal presentation on to tell us about you... Post the link to your creation here.

See me if you have any issues.

Skills You Need...

I am a big fan of using technology in and outside of the classroom so there will be a technological component to the class. Lecture notes, articles or other readings, and activities will be posted online so that you will have access to them in class, at school, at home, or on your phones. There will be no excuses as to why you did not know something...

We will use several Web 2.0 tools and applications in this class. As always, I will offer tutorials but you have to tinker with things on your own time to become proficient in using these tech tools. You are ultimately responsible for what and how you learn...

You must (or by the time class is over, you will) know how to:
1. Search effectively. You must be able to use keywords and identify reliable, relevant, and appropriate sources of information. The internet is vast - you do not have time to search for things for hours...

2. Bookmark - save websites or other information so you can access it whenever/ wherever. IE, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox all have bookmarking functions as do websites like SimplyBox and delicious.

3. Take notes
- You must be able to find the key ideas and concepts from anything you access

4. Document/ cite - to avoid plagiarism, you cannot simply cut & paste information. You must cite direct quotes and summarize other information.

If you need additional assistance, let me know well before an assignment or project is due.

Monday, August 2, 2010