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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Africa 4 - The Legacy of Colonialism

Watch two of the following videos and complete the tasks below:

Uganda - The Scramble for Africa

King Leopold II - Belgian Congo

European Colonization of Africa

The Congo - A Brutal History

Map of Colonization

Answer the following questions accurately, completely, and in your own words:
1. Define imperialism in your own words. What motivated country leaders (especially in the Western world) to become imperialists?
2. Define colonialism. How is colonialism an example of imperialism?
3. WHY and HOW did European countries colonize countries in Africa?
4. How were European powers able to control the indigenous African population?
5. What were/are the lasting effects of European colonialism on the African continent?

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5flicc7 said...

The things is they were tribes in huts but if the white man left them alone what would they have become prob move on from huts to cities like the Aztecs and tribes in SOuth america then prob move on to Cities like Cario and alexandria like in egypt

and by that point u knows what might have became of them because by that point the white man swooped in burned down there cities and imposed there Way of doing things on things